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When it comes to complex problems, simple solutions are often the best. Read how our in-house holiday management app became our next product.


Daniella Varga

How, our holiday tracker became our next product

If you work for an SME in Hungary, you know all too well the headache of keeping track of holidays and sick leaves. Especially if you don’t have an HR software to rely on, which is often the case with smaller companies. The hassle pretty much never stops. Think hard-to-follow email exchanges with colleagues. Or ever-changing rules and regulations. Trust us, we’ve been there, done that. So a few years back, we decided to try to ease our daily life. And help both our colleague in charge of HR administration and our team refocus their energy on what really matters.

The hassle of holiday management

About five years ago, we had a hard time keeping track of our days off. We were still using paper-based forms and sprawling spreadsheets no one could ever figure out, let alone trust, after a while. Sounds medieval? It sure felt like that. It was a real challenge to stay current with how many days people are entitled to and how many of them they haven’t used up yet. Especially in Hungary, where you get extra days off if you get married or have children, for example. It was a constant struggle for everyone.

We dreamed about an app with a couple of basic functions, which is easy to use and complies with Hungarian law. We wanted to be able to check how many unused days we have, quickly submit and approve holiday requests online, and create reports in a few clicks. But mostly, we wanted to let our HR colleague catch a break and spend their days on what’s important. Finding the best future teammates instead of filing papers to no end. As we did not find anything like this on the Hungarian market, we decided to build ourselves our own holiday management application.

How was born

The first version of the app was simple with a few basic features like submitting and approving holiday requests, tracking employees’ holiday count and creating reports.

The app was everything we needed. It was fool-proof and got the job done. Colleagues loved it. And then something unexpected happened. Clients and fellow companies started complimenting us on it. As people kept telling us what a great idea it was and how they would love to try it, we realized we weren’t the only ones struggling with HR administration.

Before we stepped on the gas, we did a concept validation to be sure there was a real market need for the product. The feedback was positive so we decided to launch it on the Hungarian market.

In the meantime, we started rebuilding the app preparing it for market release. Ease of use, practical features and compliance with relevant Hungarian regulatory requirements were our key focus. Based on the market feedback, our UX team put together the feature set to start out with, and the rest is history. In a few short weeks, will be out – and ready to conquer the world.

So what makes so great?

It saves tons of time and resources for teams, departments and the whole company.

It is simple and can completely replace paper-based forms and excel sheets. Colleagues don’t have to nag HR or go through their emails over and over again to dig up how many days they have left.

It eliminates the spreadsheet hassle and drastically reduces administration mistakes. No more hours spent trying to figure out why records don’t add up. The hassle with forms, email chains and outdated spreadsheets is over.

It follows and updates according to changes in Hungarian law. Hours spent on reading regulations will be part of the past.

So basically it has all the good stuff.

What the future holds will be launched in Hungary in May, so stay tuned! It’ll come with a lot of add-ons and handy features. We’ve worked hard to make the whole application logical and user-friendly.

We truly believe that creates value for SME, and we’re so excited to share it with the world! So get ready: is coming to the rescue.

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