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Idea validation process: how to validate in practice

A step-by-step guide of our practical idea validation process, designed to verify business ideas on the market with real users.

Time and Materials vs Fixed Price: How to choose the best for you

Deciding between time and materials vs fixed price contract can be tricky. So here’s a complete guide with pros and cons to help you choose the best for you

How we’re building an honest company culture

Want to boost morale and productivity in your team? Start with building an honest company culture. Here’s how we do it at Digital Natives.

How, our in-house holiday tracker became our next product

When it comes to complex problems, simple solutions are often the best. Read how our in-house holiday management app became our next product.

Should you go for cheap, fast or good when developing products?

Is it possible to develop a good product cheap and fast? In short: no. But some sacrifices are bigger than others.

How we prioritize features: Taming the feature creep

When building a product, it’s easy to get carried away adding feature upon feature. So how to tame the feature creep and prioritize functionalities?

Minimum viable product, maximum benefits: How we’re building LiveRobe’s sustainable fashion app

Style doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find out how we built LiveRobe’s minimum viable product to validate the sustainable startup idea and what should come next.

Going peer to peer: How we revamped our performance review system

Like it or not, performance reviews are here to stay. We’ve rolled out a new competency-based, P2P-evaluation system. Read the lessons we’ve learned.

Fair p(l)ay: Time and material pricing in software development

How and how much to charge when selling your expertise? At Digital Natives, we swear by time and material-based pricing. Here’s why.

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