Fair And Square Execution

Web And Mobile Production

Each of our mobile-ready websites, apps and interactive experiences are designed to surpass expectations,
by combining the latest in graphic design with industry leading development techniques.

All Shapes And Sizes

Looking for an experienced and reliable team to handle your project as its own?
No matter where you are in the process, we can immerse ourselves fully and give you the guidance and execution you need.


Our Process

Got an idea but not sure how to bring it to life? Great! These are the projects we love most. We can build it, improve it and make it work for your business, within an agreed budget and timeframe.
Whether you need conceptual help, or a team that can start working on your product right away, we will turn your idea into workable functions, user interfaces and high quality code.
Our process is completely transparent from start to finish. You can make changes along the way, and we’ll make sure all the right design and build elements fit your suggestions.
Automated and manual testing is part of our process and so is making tweaks along the way, but with the finish line in sight we will dedicate time to make any final improvements.
Pop those corks, it’s time to celebrate! We strive to exceed expectations with every project and we are confident you’ll be thrilled with your end product.

Tools Of Trade

So here’s the technical bit. We use a variety of world-class development tools to create our websites. We’ll gladly talk you through these in more detail as we apply them to your project.

Web frontend technology:

At the moment we’re using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React and Elm among others.

Web backend technology:

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Sinatra, Node.js, SQL, Real-time and Pub/Sub messaging are some of our favourites.

Mobile technology:

Some of our tried and tested tools for mobile include native iOS, Android, along with mobile and tablet optimised web applications.

Automated testing tools:

We love RSpec, Spork, PhantomJS, Cucumber and Selenium.

Do You Need Digital Natives?

Are you looking for a team of highly-skilled individuals
who will be as passionate about developing your product as you are?
You’ll know you’re in safe hands with Digital Natives.