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The Digital Natives Lab

We at Digital Natives are naturally inquisitive and enjoy experimenting
with the latest methods and technologies.
Let us share the in-house projects we are proud of.


An emerging functional programming language called ELM is one of our favoured fronted technologies. Our senior frontend developer, Gus built a web UI library in which the business logic for the components implemented fully in Elm with minimal native bindings, following the Elm Architecture.

Most components of the library implement active, read-only and disabled states.

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Meet The Meetup is one of our in-house experimental projects built in Elixir. This web application enables members of a group to see aggregated statistics about other members, such as:

  • In what topics they are interested in
  • What other groups they are members of
  • How many of them are organizers of meetups

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We’ve learnt a lot about successful project management over the years, and have poured this knowledge into the creation of Nostromo, a clear, concise digital project management system.

Currently in open Beta phase, it already counts 2000 registered users from more than 50 countries worldwide. Nostromo has specially designed features for developers, designers and product managers, so each project can have complete fluidity from vision to implementation.

Green Fox Academy

An education programme founded by Digital Natives and Lab.Coop
for junior coders and their future employers.

Working on real projects and through personal mentoring provided in the programme candidates improve both their programming and soft skills.

According to our recent statistics, 90% of our students got hired as developers within 3 months after they finished the course.

Open source
Digital Natives @ Github

It’s nice to share. We always encourage our clients to go public with their source code and you can check out some of the code that we like to reuse over at Github.

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