Want to grow with us?


Do you follow your passion while you make a living? Do you enjoy
finding your own solution for a problem? Do you believe in the power
of teams? Wanna know how a trendy IT agency works, with a startup
in its belly? Then Digital Natives can be the next step in your life.
Come, scroll down and get to know more!


We learn new things every day

DiNa is the best place to take up new skills. We share knowledge on in-house trainings,
take on challenges on our own hackathons and organizing meetups regularly. You are
given time and a budget for developing your professional or soft skills.
Plus, there is an awesome in-house weekly English class at your disposal. You also can
set your own personal goals, receive guidance and feedback to help you achieve them.

We fancy transparency

Making our work transparent to each other, having open talks regularly let us know how and why our company succeeds, and we also find the ways to improve. Giving regular, constructive feedback is a natural part of our working process.

we are social

DiNa is like a family to us, we do many things together. Arriving hungry? You can have a free breakfast with your teammates, a great way to get things rolling. Good at foosball? Show it! We usually end the day with a match or two. We also do a lot other things together, as hiking, traveling, meetups, quiz nights, concerts, pubs and more.

We are multinational

We are proud to have employees from Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and, yeah, some from Hungary. Wherever you are from, you are welcome to join us.

We care for health

Feeling tired? Have a refreshing massage on Thursdays, right at the office. Want to grab some fresh fruit between two e-mails? Check in the kitchen. Need to go to the doctor? As a digital native, you will get a health insurance plan to cover your medical treatments.

We are cooking more than one meal

Beside making awesome products to our clients, we enjoy realizing our own creative ideas, too. As a DiNa member, you can play your part in their success:

We are excited to hear from you

So, you have read the above and think we should meet? Check out our open positions, find the one that fits you, and get in touch now!


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