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We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic
New Business and Sales Manager
who helps us achieve growth, hitting sales targets,
and building an effective sales team.

Your responsibilities

  • Identify new sales opportunities and get new leads.
  • Land long-term, high-value partnerships, and clients.
  • Build a local and international network of clients and partners.
  • Develop sales strategy and annual plans aligned with company vision and goals.
  • Work together with our CEO and Leadership Team to achieve sales goals.
  • Understand business needs and notice potentials for cooperation.
  • Drive lead prospecting, qualification, and engagement, with a focus on international projects.
  • Cooperate with our Project Managers, Tech- and Design Teams in planning complex digital projects.
  • Conduct relevant research and analysis of target markets, industries, clients, and competitor activities, identifying insights and best practices.
  • Create and perform outstanding presentations and sales decks.
  • Build up a sales team to help us reach the next level

What makes you an ideal candidate?

Having the following skills and experience:

  • International sales experience in the IT/software industry.
  • More than four years of experience in a relevant role, working for Western European and/or US markets
  • Working experience at a Product, Software, or Design Agency.
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and negotiation skills in English.
  • Solid understanding of product design (UX/UI) and development methodologies/processes (Lean and Agile).
  • Experience with sales automation tools.
  • Experience with CRM tools and flows.
  • Working experience in a KPI-based environment
  • Experience in creating/presenting engaging sales and pitch decks

Being excited about

  • Developing and improving sales strategies.
  • Building partnerships.

Being a personality that can be described as

  • A connection maker
  • A strategic thinker
  • A multitasker
  • A storyteller: you know how to share our achievements and expertise in an engaging way
  • Empathetic: even under pressure, you resonate with how other people feel and think.
  • Well-organized: you take responsibility for your decisions and manage your time and efforts easily.
  • A motivator: you have a get-things-done and ‘can-do’ attitude.

How can you stand out?

It’s a plus if you:

  • Have worked with Lean and Agile methodologies.
  • Have driven or built sales teams.
  • Speak Hungarian or German.

What you can expect at Digital Natives

  • A chance to acquire a stake in the company
  • Opportunity to build a sales team in your way
  • Using the latest technologies - we work with modern frameworks and are always keen to try new technologies.
  • A first-row seat to see how digital products are made - from the idea to modeling, UX, UI, development, testing, to the product launch itself.
  • Meeting a bunch of enthusiastic people - and working in a multicultural environment.
  • Self-management in the air - opportunity to manage your own time and estimate your work.
  • Openness for new ideas.
  • Support to improve your skills - dedicated time and a yearly budget for learning and self-improvement, coaching for soft skills.
  • Health insurance
  • A welcoming workplace - shared breakfast, thrilling foosball matches, dog-friendly office, and weekly massage.

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