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Do you believe in the power
of teams
? Wanna know how a
trendy IT agency works, with a
startup in its belly? Then Digital
Natives can be the next step in your

The mission

  • Manage projects with the goal of delivering on time, within budget and within scope
  • Lead your project teams, while looking for ways to optimize teamwork and make it a great experience for everyone
  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Eliminate risks before they become a problem, and solve problems the moment they appear
  • Consult project ideas with to-be-clients (business model, go-to-market strategy, project scope and goal)
  • Participate in the sales process (writing proposals, managing leads) Participate in various in-house projects, goals of which are to improve our team, workplace or communication

What makes you a good candidate?

We are looking for you if you:

  • You have 3-5 years of experience in digital project management (preferably at an agency)
  • Managed both mid-range (3-6 months long ) and long-range (1-2 years) projects
  • Agile and Design Thinking flow in your veins
  • You have managed several tech teams before
  • You are up-to-date at Modern web/mobile technology stack
  • There are both startups and multinational companies in your portfolio
  • You know how to break down the client needs into user stories and deliverable product
  • Such terms as “git pull”, “unit test” or “card sorting” don’t confuse you.
  • You write and speak fluently in both English and Hungarian
  • You have great negotiation skills

It’s great if you are excited about

  • Getting a product idea from the first brainstorming to a market-ready product
  • The variety of challenges posed by different projects
  • Learning new things and improving yourself whenever you can
  • Design methodologies, mobile development, cool cutting-edge technologies

You have our attention if you are

  • A translator: You translate the client’s viewpoint to your team, and represent your team to the client, keeping the right balance
  • An initiator: proactive, always searching for new ways and ready to step up to a new challenge
  • A problem solver: you have a real ‘get-things-done’ and ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Empathetic: even under pressure, you resonate with how other people feel and think: you choose the right words and can motivate others
  • Precise and well-organized: you manage your (and your team’s) agenda effectively, and administration is your second name

How can you stand out?

It’s a plus if you have

  • Prior experience in coding, software design, product ownership or UX design (the latter two are a huge plus)
  • Done voluntary or socially responsible work of any kind
  • Your do a pet project or you are participating in one

What we offer to you?

  • Seeing the latest tools and methods – we use modern frameworks, and are always keen to try out new technologies
  • A first row seat to see how trendy digital products are made – from the idea, to modeling, UX, UI, development, testing to the very product itself
  • Meeting a bunch of enthusiastic people – and teamwork in a multicultural environment
  • Employee ownership and transparency – you will be a co-owner at Digital Natives, with a full insight how we operate
  • Encouraged self-management – room to manage your own time and estimate your work
  • Support to sharpen your skills – dedicated time and yearly budget for learning and self-improvement, coaching for soft skills and
  • English lessons
  • Health insurance – with multiple benefits
  • A welcoming workplace – breakfast from the fridge, lunches together, thrilling foosball matches and weekly massage
Fell in love?
If so send us your CV to the job@digitalnatives.hu
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