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How we built an app to store
and share your personal data

The beginning
The vision of WIM is to establish a standard for the secure exchange of personal data. Through the WIM app the customers retain full control over the release of their full personal information.
Our task was to design and develop the mobile application, and the Partner Center web application.
UX/UI Design and Development, QA
Figma, React, Flutter
Web and Mobile
Wireframes, UI interface, MVP mobile app, and partner web application


WIM approached us with a concept
that they wanted to test and validate
on the market.

Creating the MVP
We wanted to create an application that is not only convenient but also increases trust. Using the best practices and clear communication to ensure comfort and safety from the first moment.
Applying the security requirements
To deliver the promises we had to design and implement a secure way to store and transfer personal data. We created the data transfer flow in a way that ensures access to data for the entitled persons only. The stored personal data is only accessible by the owner.
Aligning the extended project team
With a complex product, a large team came together. We needed to keep everyone in line and maintain the focus for the whole team. Product decisions, daily standups, continuous synchronization, and constant communication with the client were part of our toolset to make the workflow as effective as possible.
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