The easiest way to get smart electricity in your city

Voltee is a network of charging stations allowing its users to charge heir electric cars,
bikes, scooters and rollers and also their electric essentials as smartphones or tablets.
A mobile app assists users to perform and monitor the charging process.

The challenge

The goal of the first phase of the project was to validate Voltee among its targeted audience. With an initial interface and only the minimal set of features, the mobile app had to be capable of assisting users in charging a vehicle or device in an intuitive way. It needed a range of competencies from UX research, interaction design, interface design, frontend and backend development and usability testing of the mobile app.

After performing a usability test on this MVP version, we had to build in its takeaways and deliver the fully functional Voltee app that is faster and and can manage several stations in a user-friendly way. It was key to maintain a smooth communication between the hardware, the backend and the frontend with the smallest delay possible. The user had to be able to monitor the charging process while the service had to ensure that the plug is locked safely in the Voltee station the entire time. Finally, an administrator’s panel had to be designed and developed for the application.

The solution

Following a thorough research and problem discovery, our team of designers, developers and QA specialists collaborated with a team of hardware engineers to craft the solution. Our project manager and CTO were constantly in touch with the client and the partner team developing the HW, enabling us to quickly find and fix any emerging issues. With the client actively involved in the process, we defined the goals together, agreed on the main features to implement and test.

Voltee was successfully launched and tested within the planned deadline. Our client held successful demos and introduction of Voltee to the public, after which they expressed a wish to continue collaboration with Digital Natives to further refine the product.

image/svg+xml Key points

UX research, wireframing, graphic UI design of the MVP and the full version

Usability testing of the wireframes and MVP

Full-stack development and functional testing

Graphic UI design of the final screens and landing page

Working together with a team of HW engineers

Design and development of the admin panel

Landing page development

image/svg+xml Technology

Platform: Mobile, Web, Hardware
Frontent / Backend: React Native, NodeJS, TypeSrcipt, GraphGL, React, MySql, Docker, AWS
Database: Provided by Truckin
Integrations (3rd party apps): Google Maps. Facebook, Google, Linkedin Social Auth
Testing: Functional manual testing

image/svg+xml Time span

From August 2017, ongoing

image/svg+xml Team

6 developers (backend and frontend), 2 UX/UI designers, 2 QA, 1 project manager

“They say it is ultimately the people you choose when selecting a company, and I could not agree more.
DiNa has a great team of professionals who shared our vision in improving urban life from the start,
and who are also fun to work with.”

Ádám Szörényi, CEO, RWE's Innogy Solutions

“DiNa introduced us to the world of user-focused development through scrum methodology,
which is exactly what we needed.
Putting users in the center of our universe meant that the different stages of development
could run hand-in-hand with user validation, allowing prompt adjustments.”

Lilla Rácz, co-founder at RWE's Innogy Solutions