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How we helped Voltee bringing smart
electricity into cities.

The beginning
Voltee wanted to build a network of charging stations that are accessible and easy-to-use. They needed a partner who can validate their idea and build a mobile application complementing their hardware.
UX Research, Design and Development, QA
React Native, NodeJS TypeSrcipt, GraphGL, React, MySql, Docker, AWS
iOS, Android, Web, IoT
Validated Concept, UI interface and MVP


Voltee approached us with an idea, which we
needed to validate, test, build all in a scalable
and monetizable way.

Creating and establishing a new user flow on the market
Voltee, as an innovation in the smart city industry, had no user flows. Every process, every interaction with the hardware and software needed to be designed from scratch. To be agile, we started with paper sketched user flows, then built a paper box hardware prototype so we could test our designs on potential users.
Keeping up with the rapid Hardware changes
Our initial challenge was to match the software development to a complex and regularly changing hardware. This meant that needed to continuously pivot the user flows, to create and maintain effortless user experience. We installed a test hardware in our office that we could continuously test, and perform regular stress tests to reveal long-term performance issues.
Aligning the extended project team
With a complex product, a large team came along on both sides. We needed to keep everyone in line and keep the focus for the whole team. Daily standups, continuous synchronization, and constant communication with the client were part of our toolset to make communication as effective as possible.
Layout wide Layout desktop Layout mobile
Testimonial qoutes
Throughout the project, Digital Natives pushed us for a solution that consumers would love. They helped us simplify the pricing structure, crafted the service and brought a lot of user insights. Oh, and, they built the application and the entire software solution. I believe without Digital Natives we’d have a much less mature product.
Lajos Kovács, Head of Digital, RWE’s Innogy
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