Trusted platform for the freight industry

Truckin is a platform that connect all players of the freight industry.
It provides a job search engine for drivers as well as a marketplace
where load transportation requests, proposals and agreements can be made.

The challenge

As their next milestone, Truckin needed a “first version” of their product that they can demo to their investors. The alpha contained the job search engine, where drivers can apply for jobs and trucking companies can list jobs and review applications. It also included user authentication and profile management for both drivers and companies. The main challenge was to meet the short deadline posed by the demo day.

The solution

To achieve the highest velocity, we were working in a team of 9, collaborating with Truckin’s own developer team and another agency. We distributed the tasks in a way that we can work on them in parallel as much as possible. To save more time, we separated functional development and site building within the team – this also ensured a unified and cleaner CSS. As some of the team members were new to each other, it was important to reveal the competencies of each member early to achieve the most effective role distribution.

We covered the frontend side of the alpha and delivered the part that the product demo needed in time. Truckin finally held a successful demo to their investors.

image/svg+xml Key points

Working to meet a short deadline

Large, heterogeneous developer team

2-sided marketplace development

Site building from received wireframes and designs

image/svg+xml Technology

Platform: Web
Frontend: ReactJS
Backend: Provided by Truckin
Database: Provided by Truckin
Integrations (3rd party apps): Google Maps. Facebook, Google, Linkedin Social Auth
Testing: Automated and Manual testing

image/svg+xml Time span

September 2016

image/svg+xml Team

7 frontend developers, 1QA, 1 project manager

“The expertise of Digital Natives was key in our efforts
to deliver the alpha version of Truckin in time.
Our collaboration led us to hold a successful demo to our investors.”

Béla Dobos, CEO of Truckin