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How we helped NN transform their
concept into a scalable MVP.

THE BEGINNING is the latest digital product of NN Insurance Company, enabling on-demand short term insurances on mobile. The NN team was looking for a developer partner, able to build their concept with agile methods, and they turned to us.
Development, Testing
React Native, Ruby on Rails, Rest, React, PostgreSQL, Docker
Mobile – Android and iOS, Web
Mobile application, integration to the backend system, Admin Interface


NN approached us with a concept, that we
had to build in a scalable way while using
an agile methodology in a waterfall

Handling fundamental scope changes
Throughout the project, we had to manage radical changes in the scope, which fundamentally changed feature and development needs. We were able to handle this due to our agile approach, constant and honest communication with the client and by doing weekly sprints: weekly planning, design review, product demos, and delivery.
Complying with the IT security
The new application had to be compliant with the IT security requirements which also changed along with the scope and were not too easy to pass in the insurance industry. We needed to be smart and creative to find workarounds that we could turn to our advantage. We worked closely with the NN IT security, so we could understand the regulations and the IT team could have a clear picture of the technical needs.
Aligning agile methods to the corporate workflows
Creating was based on agile methods, which needed to fit into a strict, regulated and slow corporate workflow. We did our best to support the team carry through the project in the multinational environment, by providing semi-ready solutions, taking over tasks and always looking for workarounds for blocker situations.
What I loved the most about working with Digital Natives is that we collaborated on every level, joined forces to find the best solution for every difficulty, and we could count on their expertise. As a result, we established an effective partnership enabling us to build the ideal version of every idea.
Alexander Fehértavi, Digital Product Specialist, NN Insurance
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