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How we introduced and tested the pricing
page of Nostromo, our project management

The beginning
Our award-winning project management tool designed to ease digital collaboration between teams reached the point of monetization, so we introduced the pricing page and subscription process.
After the subscriptions went live, we launched a UX research project to reveal usability problems we might have created unintentionally.
UX research, Eye-tracking, Usability testing
ReactJs, Ruby On Rails
Pricing strategy, structure and page


General challenges and the complexity of
setting a software's price are widely known.
And also the fact that price plans are usually
not the most friendly parts of a product’s offer.

Introduce the subscription plans in a user-friendly way, while staying consistent with the brand
We wanted to sustain and further build the loveable Nostromo story and atmosphere with our price plans, which is a tough task. We designed and brought in new space creatures that were aligned with the brand and could strengthen emotional bonds, and were able to visually represent different package sizes.
Create a clear and user-friendly subscription flow
As in Nostromo, you can only subscribe inside the application, so creating an easy-to-find and understandable subscription section was essential. To be consistent, we reused elements of the pricing page and added extra elements (current plan indicator, BUY button) to help and drive decision making.
“Seeing through the user’s eyes” by learning and working with new research methods
To reveal usability problems we might have created unintentionally, we teamed up with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to use their eye tracking system Tobii. We organized usability test sessions in the university test lab to test our new pricing page and spent a lot of time on learning and interpreting the outputs of this new method.
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