The new name in digital haulage document handling

From idea to completion, we accompanied Logidok team
in creating a revolutionary, multi platform product
for handling digitised freight documents.

The challenge

We designed and implement a secured system for target audiences
with remarkably different user needs.
For truck drivers on the road we needed to create a mobile app
with easy-to-use interfaces and a built-in image enhancer,
an automatically synchronised service available both offline and online.
For B2B users in administrative roles,
we designed an intuitive web application where
storage, sharing and advanced search functions available.

What is Logidok?

Logidok is a Hungarian online technology startup solving an industry-wide issue. Using Logidok transport and logistics companies can get digitized freight related documents from truck drivers securely and with no delay. Enhanced documents are ready to be further managed and shared in a web application designed for multiple administrative purposes.

Link / Preview www.logidok.com
image/svg+xml Details
  • Complex image modification, normalization on mobile with OpenCV
  • Custom business logic
  • Scalable, cloud-ready Ruby application, complex PDF generation in background
  • REST API for mobile application
  • Publish-subscribe messaging for real-time document delivering
image/svg+xml Time

Ten month to create version 1.0 and continuous support since 2014

image/svg+xml Platform

Web, mobile-optimised web, Android

image/svg+xml Team

One senior mobile developer, one senior web developer, one web developer, one site builder, one UI designer

image/svg+xml Backend

Grape, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Faye

image/svg+xml Mobile


image/svg+xml Database

Redis, PostgreSQL

image/svg+xml Testing

RSpec, Cucumber