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How we partnered up with LiveRobe to translate
their idea into a scalable MVP.

Liverobe is a personal digital wardrobe where people can sell pre-loved clothes and shop from others. The app promotes sustainable fashion and recycling. The founder, Ivett needed help intranslating a complex idea into a viable, user-ready MVP.
UX research, Design, Development and Testing
React Native, Google Firebase (Authentication, Firestore, Cloud Functions)
Mobile – Android and iOS
Validated Concept, UI Interface, Mobile application


Ivett, the client arrived with a well-thought-out but
complex product idea. We needed to dive into
the concept and find the most important
values for the customers to create the MVP,
ready to be presented to investors.

Defining the most important USP in a complex product idea
The founder approached us with a rather elaborated product idea which needed to be translated into an MVP. To define the most important USP’s we used a scoring model examining three aspects: business value, customer value, and technical value. Scoring each feature along these values helped us identify the list of MVP features.
Using a serverless mobile architecture
To accelerate the development process and build features with a minimal investment we used Google Firebase’s serverless architecture, as the base of the product. As this was a rather new territory for us, we faced a technology challenge and learned on the job. To overcome the difficulties we constantly mocked up every function, tested them and iterated to fix any issue we found.
Performance handling
After the public release users flooded the app, with more than 10000 registration in the first-weeks. This intense usage caused a true challenge in performance. We continuously refactored (and continue to do so) the application and finetuned the connecting components to create a flawless performance sensation.
I love working with Digital Natives, I am sure we will lead LiveRobe to global success together. They have a cool CEO and a professional team, with young, dynamic and talented people. I feel lucky to work with a project manager like Dávid, because he is super smart. He understood the business, project and market very fast and easily, and he always helps our project with his insights. He is very focused, it’s a pleasure to work with him.
I feel lucky to have worked with Anita, Nikó, and Enikő, as they are the most thorough UX/UI experts I have met. We had several workshops together where I could count on their sharp minds and creative ideas.
I also think the development team is one of the best, they reacted very fast to every single situation that occurred after the launch. They do top quality work in every field. I am more than 100% satisfied with Digital Natives.
Ivett Angyal, Founder, LiveRobe
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