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How we helped Like Locals to validate and
build their idea.

With the Like Locals mobile app travelers can explore cities using footprints created by locals. Partly a scavenger hunt partly digital city guide that creates a true adventure. The team approached us in the idea phase, to help them validate their concept, then design and build the application.
UX research, Design, Development and Testing
React Native, NodeJS Typescript, GraphQL, MySql, Docker, AWS
Mobile – Android and iOS, Web
Validated Concept, UI Interface, Mobile application


Like Locals approached us with an idea that
they needed to validate on the market, then
build a minimum viable product which they
can launch on the market.

Fundamental changes in the concept due to market feedback
To validate the idea on the market, we started with UX research, which led to several changes in the initial concept. To be able to react quickly to the market and user feedback, we kept the product on an MVP level and worked in a startup mindset so that we could pivot where necessary.
First timer in founders
As Like Locals is the first product of the founders, they did not have a deep product development knowledge. To help them get familiar with the methodologies and workflows we involved them in several field activities. Organized joint feature planning sessions, held workshops about shaping the products and held user interviews together.
No product owner on the project from the client side
There wasn’t a product owner on the client’s side, so unclear business goals and lost focus were serious threats. To help the client avert these, we took over tasks and took part in defining the business goals. We also held regular planning meetings with the client so that we could prioritize the features together.
It was a great experience to work with Digital Natives, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. Digital Natives has a superb team, who helped us in all stages from ideation to the launch of our project. Being a multi-disciplinary team, they have the capabilities to be a remarkable asset by providing their expertise and services on anything from product development to user testing and marketing.
Gabriella Csányi, CEO and Co-Founder, Like Locals
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