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How we helped Indosat to digitalize their b2b
sales workflow.

Indosat is one of the biggest telecommunications providers in Indonesia. The company was looking for a developer partner able to digitalize its b2b sales workflow and translate it to a mobile solution. We partnered up with Lynx to help Indosat.
Development, Testing
Ruby, Xamarin, Bitrise, Codeship, Mysql, Heroku
Mobile – Android and iOS for internal use
Mobile application, integration to the backend system


Indosat wanted to digitalize their b2b sales
activity. To achieve that, they needed a
mobile solution for their sales reps.

Aligning agile methods to the corporate workflows
We create our products with agile methods, which we needed to fit into a strict, regulated and slow corporate workflow. To incorporate agile, we created a short communication cycle, we made an effort to regularly include every stakeholder into the discussions and held daily standups to help everyone keep the focus.
Understanding and mapping out the b2b sales model in telco
The telco domain was quite new to us, so we had to dig deep to understand the workflows, dependencies and goals of the company. We worked closely with the business analyst from Lynx, learning everything we needed about the industry.
Timezone and cultural difference
As Indosat is based in Indonesia and Lynx is based in Singapore we had to deal with challenges caused by the time and cultural difference. Not to mention project management difficulties. To create the smoothest collaboration possible we spent a lot of time learning about both cultures and getting familiar with the working style of the company.
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