How we validated a special target group for
the unique wearable ECG tracker in one

Heartbit's smart and wearable device can measure stress ECG and can help avoid accidents during sports activities. They asked us to validate their concept on the market with marathon runners, and help figure out the scope of their MVP.
UX Research, Market Analysis
Deep Interviewing, Online Surveys, Fake Door testing
Research Plan and Concept Validation


Heartbit brought a new functionality to the
market, so we not only needed to validate
the concept, but to educate the target group
as well.

Validating a unique product on the market for a specific target audience
Heartbit is a unique wearable health tracker, that brought a new functionality to the market. Through the validation, we needed to create messages that were crystal clear on the functionality, and also short, sweet and eye-catching. To achieve this, we used the interviews we conducted to mimic the language of the target group and mixed in the insights gathered from our market, competitor and keyword research.
Meeting a short deadline and strict budget
We had only a month to research the market and validate the product concept. To top that the budget was set, leaving no room to waste. To meet both criteria we distributed the tasks in a way that we could work on them simultaneously as much as possible. To save more time, we separated research, design, and validation to weekly sprints - helping us keep focus.
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