Get excited about air travel, again.

Did you ever wonder why you’re unable to choose your seat, book extra space, or require wifi when you’re booking a flight?

The challenge

Together with flyiin, we’re building a new distribution technology
platform from scratch leveraging the NDC-APIs that airlines are
progressively releasing. We’re building an app which is able to collect,
integrate and display all the flight related data in real-time while
taking into account the increasing itemisation of air travel products,
and the various product policies among airlines.

As strategic partners of flyiin, we try to help to reform and reshape an
emerging area, by not just developing a new technology, but also
providing consultancy to airlines of NDC implementation internals.
You can learn more about our strategic partnership with flyiin here.

What is Flyiin?

flyiin is an online marketplace where travellers can buy their desired flight experience, directly from all their preferred airlines. Through flyiin, travellers will be able to shop flights and any associated services directly with a multitude of airlines; airlines will be able to commercialise the entirety of their product offering to millions of travellers with the same level of control as through their own web site.

Link / Preview
image/svg+xml Details
  • Concurrent processing
  • Fault-tolerant behavior
  • Providing technological consulting for airlines
  • Performant XML message transforming technologies
  • Push based technology for the best interactive experience
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from 2016 May

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image/svg+xml Team

One senior backend developer, one senior frontend developer, one senior QA, 2 backend developers

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Elixir, Elm

image/svg+xml Testing

ExUnit, ExVCR, Postman