A multi-company corporate procurement system from Electool

Electool needed a digital procurement and process management system
which could be used by all of the professional businesses within any organisation.
Naturally, we were keen to help!

The challenge

After the initial challenge of a four month development timeframe back in 2011,
Electool still benefits from a team of five Digital Native specialists,
who continually work on creating new features and modules
for each new Fluenta client.

We continue to manage its scalable, centralised product database
and the ongoing challenge of ensuring
Fluenta’s extensive code base is always up-to-date.

What is Fluenta?

Fluenta is the name given to the digital procurement and process management system owned by Electool and used by procurement specialist of big companies like Siemens, Mercedes Benz and Vodafone.

It is a modular solution for the effective online management of the electronic tendering, price negotiation, spend management and e-procurement processes.

Link / Preview www.fluenta.eu
image/svg+xml Details
  • Handling complicated workflows
  • PDF, Excel export capabilities
  • Custom Single Sign On implementation based on CAS
image/svg+xml Time

Four month to create version 1.0 and ongoing development since 2011

image/svg+xml Platform

Web, mobile-optimised web

image/svg+xml Team

One senior developer, two developers, one site builder, one QA

image/svg+xml Backend

Ruby on Rails

image/svg+xml Database

PostgreSQL, SOLR search engine

image/svg+xml Testing

Cucumber for integration tests, RSpec