Bringing dancers and dance lovers together

Festivalsero needed to modernise their dance event platform with a brand new payment system included. We gladly took up the challenge!

The challenge

The site needed a complete redesign with a new multi-currency
payment system. We created separate but connected platforms for
festival organisers, artists and festival visitors.
While designing and developing we focused greatly on UX creating an
easy-to-use system for the target audiences.

What is Festivalsero?

FestivalSero is the largest directory of dance event websites, mainly concentrating on salsa, bachata, kizomba, argentine tango and many more dance festivals. The site connects festival organisers and dance lovers and provide as much information as possible so people can decide which festivals they want to attend.

Link / Preview www.festivalsero.com
image/svg+xml Details
  • Custom business logic
  • Mobile friendly website
  • SEO
  • Payment system with multi-currency
  • Newsletter, Email notifications
  • Advanced search
image/svg+xml Time

from 2016 Jan-May

image/svg+xml Platform


image/svg+xml Team

One senior developer, one UX/UI designer, one frontend developer, one QA, one project manager

image/svg+xml Technology

Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq

image/svg+xml Database

MySQL, Redis

image/svg+xml Testing