Keeping Manhattan real estate on the map

We built a highly-sophisticated datahub
capable of continually updating the readable information
across a number of consumer-facing online portals.

The Challenge

Elegran tasked us with planning and developing a new datahub back-end,
capable of delivering readable information to a number of consumer facing portals.
We built a highly scalable, robust service layer and extremely fast APIs
which can supply real time information quickly and accurately.

The new system communicates with more than five third party information providers,
so overcoming what was a challenging system integration process was key.

What is Elegran?

Elegran is a Manhattan real estate brokerage and marketing firm, which has been at the pinnacle of its marketplace for over half a decade. It’s highly experienced sales and rental experts uphold long-lasting relationships with its elite clientele, which has helped the company remain at the forefront of the New York luxury residential market since 2007.

Link / Preview www.elegran.com
image/svg+xml Details
  • Custom business logic, 3rd party data processing
  • Scalable, cloud-ready Ruby applications, complex background processing
  • Robust, high performance APIs
  • Administration interfaces for sales
  • Integration with Salesforce
image/svg+xml Time

Ongoing development since August 2013

image/svg+xml Platform


image/svg+xml Team

One senior developer, two backend developers, one frontend developer, one QA

image/svg+xml Technology

Grape, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, React

image/svg+xml Database

MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL

image/svg+xml Testing