The world’s first audiovisual dream sharing network

Having just a raw idea, Dreampire needed a team to validate their concept and build an MVP. We partnered up with them to make it happen.

The challange

To test the concept of a completely new product idea and build an
MVP for audiovisual dream sharing. We needed to design a unique
interface, on which people can easily upload their own dreams, and
find others’ .

What is Dreampire?

Dreampire is a dream sharing movement, an online video-based dream archive and a networking space. It connects thousands of people from around the world by giving space to share dream stories.

Link / Preview www.dreampire.com
image/svg+xml Details
  • Landing page with fake door testing
  • Creating and testing personas
  • Personal interviews and survey
  • Prototype and testing
  • UI design
  • Integrating with Vimeo
image/svg+xml Time

2015 July- 2016 May

image/svg+xml Platform


image/svg+xml Team

One UX researcher, one UI designer, one frontend developer, one QA, one project manager

image/svg+xml Technology

Ruby on Rails

image/svg+xml Database


image/svg+xml Testing

Manual testing, Rspec