A multiplatform product to get kids to school safely

This revolutionary safety application was developed for Spanish Audi
in collaboration with iMind Budapest and the Barcelona based Antiloop team.

The challenge

We created android and iOS apps which come in pairs,
so one app can used by the child on their way to school,
and the other by the parent who can check whether he or she arrived safely.
Bringing to life interfaces with educational and entertaining functions
designed for elementary school children,
kept our international team excited all the way through the project.

What is Audi Safe Routes?

This interactive, educational tool - also including three minigames - gives autonomy to the 8-10 year old members of the digital generation while letting their parents feel more secure about their safety on the go.

Link / Preview
image/svg+xml Details
  • Custom business logic, route planning, map handling
  • Scalable, cloud-ready Ruby application
  • REST API for mobile communication
  • Mobile application designed for kids on iOS and Android platforms
  • Mobile application for the parents on iOS and Android platforms
image/svg+xml Time

Between Dec. 2013 and June 2014

image/svg+xml Platform

Web, Mobile

image/svg+xml Team

One senior developer, one backend developer, one senior Android developer, one senior iOS developer, one QA, one UX researcher

image/svg+xml Backend

Grape, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq

image/svg+xml Mobile

Android, iOS

image/svg+xml Database


image/svg+xml Testing