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How we helped 4D Anatomy validate
business models.

4D Anatomy is a unique virtual dissection software enabling anatomy students to learn human anatomy on photographs of real human specimens. They needed help in finding the most effective business model for their application when they turned to us.
UX Research, Market Analysis
Deep Interviewing, Online Surveys, Fake Door testing
Research Plan and Concept Validation


We created a comprehensive research plan
to analyze and validate the nature of 4D
Anatomy’s product-market fit and check if
a targetable need existed on the market.

Finding the target group and the business model with the highest potential
When the turned to us, 4D Anatomy was focusing on several business models for various target groups, which resulted in a fragmented focus. To define the target group with the highest potential and the business model, we organized a two-day long workshop to work closely with the client, learn about the product as much as possible, and used the Lean Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to systemize different opportunities.
Validating a unique product on the market for a specific target audience
4D Anatomy is a unique virtual dissection software, with a brand new service on the market. Through the validation, we needed to create messages that were crystal clear on the functionality, and also short, sweet and eye-catching. To achieve this, we used the interviews we conducted to mimic the language of the target group and mixed in the insights gathered from our market, competitor and keyword research.
A fixed budget for a complex validation problem
As the 4D Anatomy team was before an investment, we had a strict budget to work with leaving no room to waste. To deliver the most value, we created a tailor-made research and validation plan - mixing activities where we could reach a bigger target group with methods that resulted in deeper insights.
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