About Us

A Diverse And Passionate Team

Digital Natives is one of the biggest
Lean digital product developer teams in Europe.
We’ve got experience in abundance, and work hard to stay at the forefront
of what is an ever-changing digital landscape.

Human Centered Approach

We come from a variety of different backgrounds, from software engineering, marketing and communications to product design and architecture. Joined by our love for all things digital, we celebrate our diversity and encourage each other to pursue our professional and personal passions – after all, people do business with people, right?


Working Together

We divide ourselves into smaller teams according to the type and size of each project. This means that the people you deal with are the ones in the know, the ones with the skills you need.

That said, we’re also well versed in working together as one entity to deliver big projects – and boy are we a forced to be reckoned with. It’s actually a lot of fun!

We are proud of each and every project to date and our work has been recognised by Tech Crunch Europe and The New York Times.

Meet the team
Péter Lukács
Péter Lukács CEO Lover of innovation, efficiency and teamwork (and the foosball table of course!)
Rita Dózsa
Rita Dózsa General Manager Queen of financial processes, keeper of the peace and the team’s well-being
Gusztáv Szikszai
Gusztáv Szikszai Senior Software Engineer All-round digital nerd with a passion for new technologies and programming languages
Anita Erdész
Anita Erdész UX Consultant and Researcher An empathetic researcher and tester aiming to embrace users perspective
Péter Varga
Péter Varga CTO Goal-oriented problem solver, who loves to challenge the status quo. And a happy crossfitter.
Kata Lázár
Kata Lázár Marketing Intern Marketing enthusiast addicted to contemporary art and hobbyist of great books
Dávid Kempl
Dávid Kempl Project Manager Strategic thinker with passion for arts and technology
Zoltán Szabó
Zoltán Szabó UI Designer A highly creative art graduate UI-designer, striving to control his artistic flair in the workplace
Dániel Petró
Dániel Petró UX Designer / PM An eager catalyst of making brave ideas real, with a passion for creative arts
René Gábora
René Gábora Software Engineer A family man who loves the digital world as much as the sporting world!
Melinda Mészáros
Melinda Mészáros Senior QA Expert tester and a real stickler for exacting detail
Viktória Papp
Viktória Papp Senior QA A true-born pro in software testing and an inseparable companion for her dog Málna
Málna Smile Maker I’m always available to have some fun, be it a game or a trick. Also I’m pretty good at staring my mom. All day long. :)
Daniella Varga
Daniella Varga Digital Marketer Enthusiastic marketer and challenge seeker who loves to laugh
Ádám Madácsi
Ádám Madácsi UX Researcher Innovation enthusiast and a passionate communicator with orientation on details
Judit Bauer
Judit Bauer Software Engineer Life-loving dreamer passionate about problem solving, sports and traveling
Behrooz Torki
Behrooz Torki Software Engineer Long time activist and an amateur digital artist
Muriel Silveira Pereira
Muriel Silveira Pereira Software Engineer Brazilian software craftsman striving for a more sustainable world
Mikhail Alekseev
Mikhail Alekseev Software Engineer Elixir developer with passion for new technologies
Alexandra Varnaeva
Alexandra Varnaeva UX/UI Designer Designer who has a keen interest in psychology
Attila Polgár
Attila Polgár Software Engineer Always looking for a better solution
Bálint Bakcsa
Bálint Bakcsa Software Engineer Backend developer with a passion for low-level technologies
Dávid Nagy
Dávid Nagy Software Engineer Full-time thinker, arranging bits because it's fun
Enikő Ágh
Enikő Ágh UI Designer Lean design fan.
Lilla Kovács
Lilla Kovács QA An always curious analytical thinker geek, who is highly committed to quality
Nikolett Nagy
Nikolett Nagy UX Designer An always smiling and empathetic researcher, with a passion for weaving psychology into work